Backstage " I Core, my climbing family "

The Cores are a very special family.
Christian was world champion in bouldering, a climbing specialty; Stella was Italian champion, and just over a year ago they became parents of twins, Lara and Ania.
They live in a valley not far from Savona (Liguria, Italy), but their story is inextricably linked to the woods overlooking Varazze.
With other climbers from the area, including Elia Corso and Marco Bagnasco, they have sought, found and cleaned rocks to climb with more and more extreme difficulty, bringing to light a climbing spot now famous all over the world.
In particular, they have discovered a rock and a problem thought to be the toughest in the world, which was named ‘Gioia’ by Christian, the first to climb it.

The documentary delves into the story of the Cores starting from a long time ago, when, as kids, they were discovering the world of climbing in an area rich in history like the Ligurian riviera and Finale.
The story is told through the living voices of the central characters: Christian’s cousin, Alessandro, his companion in the first rope climbs, Fulvio Scotto, mountaineer and Christian’s physical education teacher in high school, the climbers from Varazze, friends the Cores have traveled the world with in search for the perfect problem and the perfect stone, and then Lorenzo Malatesta, a 13 years old boy to whom Christian is trying to transmit his passion for this sport.
Constantly immersed in the magic of the forests in the inland parts of Liguria, with the rugged coastline on the horizon, we let Christian lead the viewer into his personal and sporting journey, talking about the difficulties and sacrifices he made to become world champion and showing us this world of resin, rock, sweat and chalk.